Thursday, 30 August 2012

Let us learn and Practice Quick Relaxation Technique in Chair

Involve deep abdominal (constitutes the part of the body between the Chest and Pelvis) breathing with awareness of breath (Try immediately during the Lunch break in office sitting in Chair)

1. Sit comfortably in chair, eyes closed. Keep the back straight; maintain a smile on your face. Slowly take your attention to the breath. 

2. Practice and synchronize your breath with the abdominal movements. As you inhale, allow the abdomen to bulge out (Like a balloon) and as you exhale, allow the abdomen to sink down into the body (initially you can keep your left hand on your abdomen to observe the movement of the abdominal muscles). Most people (I mean it) do the reverse as they exhale abdomen and chest bulges and as they inhale it goes in. Never mind, the aim of this practice is to regain the lost awareness and there by correct the irregularity. 

3. As you breathe in and out observe the movement of the abdominal muscles. Mentally repeat from 20 downwards “I am breathing in 20, I am breathing out 20, I am breathing in 19,  I am breathing out 19” and so on until you reach 1.Remember to count only mentally and as slowly as you can, extending each inhalation and exhalation as far as possible. Continue for another 20 rounds, if possible. Mentally repeat from 20 downwards as done above.

4. For better results try to elongate each inhalation and exhalation to the maximum. At this stage, try to take a note of the state of your body and mind. As you keenly observe the breath, body feeling relaxed, breath becoming slow and mind becoming calm.

5. Slowly bring your awareness back to the abdominal movements. Maintaining the calm state of mind and slowly you can open the eyes.


1. Develops the awareness of healthy breathing (Slow and steady Rhythmic Abdominal breathing).  Abdominal breathing brings air all the way down to the lowest portions of the lungs, filling the entire lung area and providing maximum oxygen to the body. Stagnant air in the respiratory tract is cleared and also improves the lung capacity and stamina.

2. Relaxes immensely – improves performance at work.

3. These exercises are especially useful for people suffering from insomnia, headaches due to tension and hypertension.


1. Before steps 1 and after 5, you may mentally pray. If you don’t believe in god, you may maintain absolute silence.

2. Also, you may give yourself auto suggestions – as I inhale, “My body is getting energized with fresh oxygen entering the body” and as I exhale, “My body is becoming lighter and relaxing”

3. You can practice it irrespective of your age, you may continue with your usual diet and you can practice any no. of times in a day

Have a Quick Relaxation